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This page is maintained for a legacy version of Sentinel Visualizer.
The latest version is featured here: Version 10 Enhancements

Enhancement Summary

Sentinel Visualizer Version 7 offers many fabulous, new features to remain the best value of any link analysis software package.

  • Enhanced Sentinel Visualizer Reader to Freely Share Your Discoveries with Others
  • Cloud Database and Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Support
  • Advanced Security Features
  • New and Updated Icon Library
  • Additional Filters
  • Additional Gradients
  • Metadata Visualization
  • Visualizer Entity Editing
  • Improved Reporting for Data Import
  • Improved Performance on Importing Large Scale Datasets
  • Saved Diagrams
  • Private Diagrams
  • Change Password
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Support
  • Improved Error Handling

Enhanced Sentinel Visualizer Reader to Share Your Discoveries

The free Sentinel Visualizer Reader lets you share your work with non-Sentinel Visualizer owners. It is enhanced to let your contacts gain more insight from your work. New features include Gradients, Network Metrics, Time Range tool, Google Earth integration and Saved Diagrams. For more information, visit Sentinel Visualizer Reader.

Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server 2016 and Cloud Support

Sentinel Visualizer now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (and older versions) without administrator customization. It can also use databases residing in the cloud from commercial hosting services such Microsoft SQL Azure, Amazon Web Services, GoDaddy, etc.

Advanced Security Features

Administrators can define read, write, and view-only rights at the user level for complete data security (Enterprise Edition only).

New and Updated Icon Library

Sentinel Visualizer now includes over 7,000 icons in it's library. The default icons are enhanced with a more modern appearance.

Additional Filters and Gradients

Value filters can now be applied to In-Degree and Out-Degree, and Gradients metrics now support In-Degree and Out-Degree.

Metadata Visualization

Entities and Relationships can be displayed as a color, based on the corresponding metadata.

Visualizer Entity Editing

Edits made to entities, such as modifying the entity’s photograph or changing a value property, are reflected immediately on the Visualizer.

Improved Performance on Importing Large Scale Datasets

Import memory usage has been reduced when importing large datasets spanning into the millions.

Improved Reporting for Data Import

Data imports now provide more detailed feedback regarding data format errors and inconsistencies in source data.

Saved Network Diagrams

Your link chart network diagrams can be saved to external files for distribution to Sentinel Reader users.

Private Network Diagrams

Saved network diagrams can be marked as private to prevent other users from seeing the diagram.

Change Password

Users now have ability to change their own passwords within Sentinel Visualizer without administrator involvement.

Microsoft Windows 10 support

Sentinel Visualizer 7 supports Microsoft Windows 10, 8, and 7.

Improved Error Handling

Sentinel Visualizer includes enhanced error reporting and the ability to automatically submit error reports.

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