Advanced Link Analysis, Data Visualization, Social Network Analysis (SNA), and Geospatial Mapping

Discover hidden relationships, connections, and patterns among people, places, and events

Version 10 Released

Sentinel Visualizer 10 adds many new features to Import including a new Import Wizard, online maps, custom labels,,entity replace, combining multiple searches, and much more!

Sentinel Visualizer Version 10 Released

Link Analysis

Interconnected data is difficult to understand with traditional tools showing rows and columns. Sentinel Visualizer provides advanced visualization to help you find meaning from complex, interconnected relationships.

Advanced Link Analysis with Custom Graphics

Geofencing Data Analysis

Google and other data sources, such as cell phone towers and license plate readers, offer lists of devices around a specific location and time.

Easily import and analyze large geofence datasets.

Quickly identify common suspects across multiple crime scenes while protecting the privacy of innocent bystanders.

Link Analysis for Lawsuits

Data Link Analysis for LawsuitsSentinel Visualizer provides a platform for attorneys and investigators to analyze, visualize, and share important pieces of information that can aid their cases and trials.

See how our data analytics expertise secure a $250 million insurance fraud settlement.

Multiple Solutions with Sentinel Visualizer

  • Data Link Analysis for Lawsuits Desktop - The software is installed on your computer, your data can reside anywhere you choose.
  • Browser - Open any browser and retrieve data from a Sentinel Visualizer database or connect to your non-Sentinel Visualizer databases.
  • Remote App - Allow users from anywhere in the world to launch Sentinel Visualizer and read/write data in real time.
  • Hybrid - Any combination of the above ... enter data in the desktop and immediately retrieve it on the web!

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"Best money I ever spent! It completely revolutionized my research...apart from doing research faster, I now do it in a very novel way"

B. Senekal, University of the Free State, South Africa

"We use Sentinel Visualizer practically every day. Itís made an enormous impact on our ability to effectively visualize and analyze our data sets."

P. Arnold, Counterfeiting Intelligence Services of Australia

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