Compare Harris/IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook to Sentinel Visualizer

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Total Cost of Ownership Pricing Comparison

Sentinel Visualizer provides a huge benefit to our customers in the area of total cost of ownership. Value is demanded by our customers, and we deliver. Compare the pricing below: for single-user installations, Sentinel Visualizer offers more functionality at less than half the cost. Move up to multi-user systems and Sentinel Visualizer is a third of the cost of the competing technology, again with more features and benefits.

Feature Sentinel Visualizer Version 9 Harris/IBM i2 Analystís Notebook 8.x
Single-computer license Standard: $2,899
Professional: $3,499
Not Offered
Single-computer license with multiple PC concurrency and one year software support Standard: $4,197
Professional: $4,897
Base Version
starts at $7,160
Single-computer license with multiple PC concurrency, multi-user collaboration (networked), and one year software support $6,097 Premium Version
starts at $19,200

Feature Comparison

The following comparison is based on Sentinel Visualizer and i2 Analyst's Notebook Version from Harris/IBM. Our feature comparison is based on a review of the actual software and functionality of the respective products.

Feature Sentinel Visualizer Version 9 Harris/IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook
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Data format Industry-standard Microsoft SQL Server database Proprietary binary file format (links to other formats for additional fees)
Data Import Formats Text, Access, Excel, FoxPro, dBase, ODBC and OLEDB Delimited text
Identify Connections, Relationships, and Trends via Link Analysis
Import data from structured data-sets
Advanced Dataset Builder
Dynamic Database Filtering
Social Network Analysis
Temporal Analysis
Integration with Google Earth
3D Stereoscopic Visualization
Use Pictures for Entity Identification
Use Custom Icons
Explore Group Dynamics within a chart
Chart navigation including panning and zooming
Advanced Redrawing and Layout Options
Export charts to PDF for large plotter/printer
Save charts to PNG, JPG, or BMP
Collapse a network
Multi-language support
Ability to draw right-angle connector lines
Free Reader license for non-owners

With respect to non-FMS products, the information presented is based on public sources and manufacturers' information. We make no representations with respect to the ultimate accuracy or validity of the information or recent changes by the manufacturer (Harris/IBM and i2). This information is provided for general comparison purposes.

Please Contact Us if you feel any items are in error or if we should provide further refinements.

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Sentinel Visualizer Comparison to IBM's i2 Analyst's Notebook