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This page is maintained for a legacy version of Sentinel Visualizer.
The latest version is featured here: Version 10 Enhancements

Enhancement Summary

Sentinel Visualizer Version 6 offers many fabulous, new features to remain the best value of any link analysis software package.

  • Free Sentinel Visualizer Reader
  • Gradient Sizing
  • Squelch by Range
  • Greater Than Filter
  • Entity Collapse
  • One Degree Selection Highlights
  • Filter By Network Size
  • Color By Metadata
  • Performance Optimizations in Visualizer
  • Output To XML
  • Improved Error Handling

Sentinel Visualizer Reader

The free Reader program allows you to share your work with non-Sentinel Visualizer owners. Create your diagrams and distribute them to your clients and colleagues. Let them open your link charts and drill-down to details and metadata without being connected to your database. For more information for this feature introduced with Version 6.2, visit Reader for Sentinel Visualizer.

Gradient Sizing

Sentinel Visualizer has always displayed colors of Entities and Relationships based on various Network Metrics. Now, for quick identification of the most important items, you can dynamically change the size of the Entities and Relationships based on those same Network Metrics.

Squelch By Range

In previous versions, you could squelch the Gradients only on the lower bound. In Version 6, the squelch tool supports filtering by both lower and upper bounds.

Greater Than Filter

In Version 5.x, you could squelch Weights, Values, and Counts only on a less-than value. In Version 6, the squelch tool supports filtering by both less-than and greater-than values.

Entity Collapse

Sentinel Visualizer now allows you to collapse expanded entities in order to hide unwanted links, for a less-cluttered visualization … yet maintain the ability to expand the links, if desired.

One Degree Selection Highlight

Selecting an Entity or Relationship now highlights all one-degree-connected items for easier readability.

Filter By Network Size

When the visualizer is showing multiple (disconnected) networks you can now filter them based on the number of Entities in the network. It's a quick-and-easy way to remove very small (or very large) networks from the visualizer.

Color By Metadata

Entities can be color-coded on the visualizer based on Lookup Metadata types. For example, Entities’ colors can change by Gender, where Male is blue and Female is Red.

Performance Optimizations in Visualizer

We've added performance optimizations allowing the networks to appear on the screen more quickly.

Output To XML

You can export the data in the Visualizer to XML. This allows you to easily send data to other software programs.

Improved Error Handling

In the event of a software “exception,” Sentinel Visualizer continues to operate.

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