Retail Store Transactions Fraud Database


Transaction analysis to detect suspects using gift cards and returns to commit retail fraud.

Sentinel Visualizer Analysis

  1. After opening the database, from Sentinel Visualizer's Home Page, click [New Visualizer].
    New Visualizer

  2. On the Visualizer toolbar, to open a diagram, click [Open].
    Open Diagram

  3. Select the diagram titled "Mark's Direct Connections" and click the [Open] button.
    This is a saved diagram that displays the direct connections between Mark and other entities (in this case, stores and transactions).
    Open Mark's Direct Connections Diagram

  4. Right-click on Mark's picture and choose "View Entity (Mark)". Note the different tabs behind which information is held.
    View Entity Mark

  5. The documents tab can contain pictures, videos, websites and more.
    Entity Documents

  6. Double-click on one of the documents to display it. (With a real license, you would be able to edit this record. The trial, though, is view-only and does not allow editing.)
    Mark's Drivers License

  7. To view Temporal (time) analysis, go to the Home Page (lower-left tab) and click [All To Visualizer].
    All to Visualizer

  8. Click the Time Range tab in the lower part of the window and then check the [Enabled] box.
    Time Range Enabled

  9. Slide the right and/or left slider back and forth to see the network expand or contract.
    Time Range Enabled

  10. To display only the connected entities, click on the [Entities] tab and select the [Linked Entities] radio button.
    Linked Entities

  11. In the Time Range section, "grab" the blue lines and slide it back and forth for a rolling window of time.
    Time Range Slider

  12. In the vertical tabs on the far right side of the visualizer, click the [Gradients] tab and try some of the Metrics in the pull-down combo boxes (Entity Gradients and Relationships Line Gradients).
    Visualizer Gradients

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