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FMS’s Sentinel Visualizer Software Assists Videre to Expose Human Rights Violations

International Organization Utilizes Innovative Data Analysis & Mapping Technology to Combat Atrocities

Videre Est CredereWashington, DC – (May 10, 2011) FMS, Inc. is pleased to announce that Videre Est Credere, www.videreonline.org, an innovative international non-profit organization is using the Sentinel Visualizer link analysis software program in Videre’s efforts to record and publicize human rights abuses. Sentinel Visualizer is a software program that offers a knowledgebase for users to store and analyze information on people, places, and things (including videos), and how they are related to each other. Link charts, geospatial mapping, timelines, social network analysis (SNA), and statistical analysis offer visual displays and metrics to find meaning and hidden relationships within large data sets.

“We are delighted that Videre Est Credere is using Sentinel Visualizer to further their humanitarian mission and maximize the value of the data they collect,” said Luke Chung, President of FMS. “Over the past few months, we’ve seen new technology play a major role in empowering individuals fighting oppressive regimes. We’re excited to play a small part of it, and are honored and humbled by the efforts of Videre’s people, at great personal risk, to bring light and justice to the evils of the world.”

"FMS Sentinel Visualizer plays a vital role in our fight for human rights by allowing us to effectively analyze and contextualize information to help bring perpetrators to justice,” says an official of Videre. (Name withheld due to the sensitive nature of the role that Videre plays within the world of human rights.)

Videre’s targeted operations are dependent on the effective management and analysis of information about human rights perpetrators, victims and incidents. This is done through the use of FMS Sentinel Visualizer. The linkages and patterns exposed are used to make Videre’s distribution of cameras and gathering of footage more focused and strategic. Moreover, the use of Sentinel Visualizer allows local-level incidents to be accurately contextualized, thereby identifying the chains of command behind violations. The information analysis and contextualization provided by FMS Sentinel Visualizer deliver a vital tool in exposing the means of oppression and deterring human rights violations.

United Kingdom-based Videre Est Credere, “Seeing is Believing”, empowers oppressed people with cameras, video equipment, and training to record human rights violations, then publicizes them to the world media, lawyers, decision makers, and local communities.

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The FMS Advanced Systems Group is a division of FMS, Inc. an award-winning, privately owned, small business located in Tysons Corner, VA. Founded in 1986, FMS has delivered solutions to a wide range of customers for over 25 years. FMS applications are used by tens of thousands of commercial and government organizations in over 100 countries. The Advanced Systems Group focuses on visualization and analytical solutions for the government, law enforcement, investigative journalists, and commercial customers.

About Videre Est Credere

Videre Est Credere is an international human rights organization working in areas of oppression around the world. Videre works to enhance accountability and deter violence by empowering civil society to put the right footage, in the right hands, at the right time. It gives local activists the equipment, training and support needed to gather verified video evidence of human rights violations and effectively distribute it to those who can create change – be they media, decision makers, civil society or courts of law. Sentinel Visualizer is described as part of their core methodology.

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