Geospatial Analysis and Google Earth Integration

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Sentinel Visualizer provides complete support for Geospatial Analysis and Visualization. Our Geospatial tools are directly integrated into the product, removing the need for separate installations or software licenses.

Sentinel Visualizer Geospatial Tools provide complete control over map appearance. Choose raster or color/grayscale vector modes. You can toggle cities and regions on and off with the click of a button. Full zoom and pan support is built in. If you have ESRI ArcGIS, ShapeFiles, or GeoTIFF files, you can add those layers directly into your Sentinel Visualizer maps.

Geospatial Analysis

ESRI Shape Files

Use the Geo Filter tool to filter data outside the geographical area you select. Use the Geo Query tool to find all data that resides in a specific area. With Sentinel Visualizer Geospatial Tools, filtering and querying data is as easy as drawing a circle.

Geo Filtering and Geo Query

If you have Google Earth installed, we also integrate with Google Earth to let you pin locations, display links between them, and integrate with the timeline to let you filter by time periods directly within Google Earth.

Google Earth wth Link Charts and Timelines

Any data that you show on the Link Analysis view is automatically shown on the Geospatial View. This makes it easy to see the geographical disposition of your entity records and adds a whole new element of understanding to data.

Locate Entities on Map

You can use the Geospatial View in conjunction with any of the other views. Simultaneously see your link chart, the geospatial view, and timeline data, all in one display, or split across multiple displays in a multi-monitor configuration.

Multiple Geospatial Views

You can configure the Geospatial View to show tool tip data in either basic or extended mode. Simply hold the mouse cursor over a location and information about that point is displayed. You can also click on an entity data in the map and pull up detailed knowledgebase information screens.

View underlying data on map

Geofencing Analysis for Crime ScenesGoogle and other data sources, such as cell phone towers and license plate readers, offer lists of devices, vehicles, and suspects around a specific location and time period.

Known as geofencing, data for a specific geographical area and time period may be retrieved for analysis. This is particularly helpful for law enforcement when people commit crimes while carrying a cellphone that can be used as a tracking device.

Sentinel Visualizer can import and analyze geofence data to quickly identify common devices across multiple crime scenes. These high priority suspects demand your attention.


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