FMS Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Our 20 Year Journey from the Early World of PCs to Today

VIENNA, VA – October 2006 — Founded in 1986, FMS is celebrating its 20th anniversary in business. This proud achievement is a very significant milestone for us. Very few companies survive so long, much less firms in our rapidly changing technology industry. Our success over the years stems from properly serving our customers, employees, and vendors through many business and technology cycles. And, of course, the continued support our customers give us for our innovation and customer service.

Message from Luke Chung, President and Founder of FMS

On behalf of everyone at FMS today and in the past, I want to thank you for your continued support and for making our success possible. We couldn't have done it without you and the goodwill of our community.

When I first started FMS in 1986, I had a radical vision that PCs could be used for real business solutions—that PCs weren't simply a business toy, but a platform where data could be managed and real decisions made at a fraction of the cost of mainframes. The world was DOS, networks were new, and email was just a rumor when I started FMS with a 768K Kaypro out of my home office. I was 22 and gave FMS a year. If it didn't work out, I figured I'd go to graduate school and get a “real job.” I never imagined that after 20 years, FMS would be as successful as it is today.

Over the years, we've survived many business and technology cycles, and internal and external challenges. Throughout the journey, I've always believed that delivering quality solutions and treating people fairly were keys to long-term success. We've assembled a great team to deliver our products and services, and I'm very thankful for their continued support and loyalty. We've responded to the pain points expressed by our customers, and on occasion created solutions people didn't know they needed until we delivered them. We're proud that tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries use our commercial off-the-shelf software, and are more productive because of our work. Our custom applications make a real difference in the world, from helping people in international disaster zones to making our world a little safer. At the same time, we've created a stable environment where our people have been able to grow professionally and personally. Overall, it's much more that what I envisioned FMS would do 20 years ago.

We've accomplished a lot so far, and we’re ideally positioned to do even more as technology and opportunities continue to change. With your continued support and encouragement, the possibilities are limitless.

With sincere thanks,

Luke Chung

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